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Pet Food Recall - No Flint River Ranch Foods Recalled

Flint River Ranch Premium Pet Foods for Dogs and Cats The scale of recent pet food recalls like the Iams and Eukanuba recalls in 2010 and the massive Menu Foods pet food recalls of 2007 have been disconcerting to all pet owners. Many of our customers have read or heard about the recall details in the news and have followed the continual news updates for the recalled foods on our site.

We want to confirm that NO Flint River Ranch dog foods, cat foods, treats, or products — nor any of the ingredients used to make Flint River Ranch foods — are involved in the current pet food recalls. Flint River Ranch has never been the subject of any pet food recall, and we continue to take every safety measure necessary — and then some — to ensure that our all-natural pet foods are as healthy and safe as possible.

Other than the lamb used in some FRR formulas, all Flint River Ranch ingredients are purchased from major U.S. suppliers and are subjected to USDA testing as well as our own stringent and thorough quality control testing measures. Our human-grade, free-range lamb comes from ranches located in New Zealand and is tested and certified for safety and quality.

Flint River Ranch dog foods and cat foods are made using our own fixed formulas under our direction in Southern California. We do not "piggy-back" onto lines of mass-produced foods, and our professional associations are only with companies with which we have long-standing relationships and that produce or provide products at the same high level of quality as we do.

No Flint River Ranch foods or treats contain wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate (the ingredients tainted by melamine in the national pet food recalls). The wheat and other grain sources used in some Flint River Ranch formulas are acquired from USDA-certified providers. Our human-grade grain sources are safe, do not come from China, and are always tested and certified.

Despite what some reports in the news have indicated, wheat and rice (and more specifically, wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate) are truly NOT the sources of the problem. The presence of a chemical contaminant (melamine) within specific batches of wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate from Chinese companies used by the Menu Foods company and Wilbuer-Ellis Co. are the issues in this case. This is not to trivialize the problem, but rather to clarify the issue and assure you that this recall does not involve Flint River Ranch products or any ingredients used in FRR foods.

We are all aware that the worst part of the current pet food recall situation is that families have lost their beloved pets or have had to fear the loss of their loved ones. It saddens us to think of anyone going through an unexpected and shocking loss of a pet, friend, and companion, just by feeding a tainted pet food product.

If you haven't tried Flint River Ranch before, we'd like to encourage you to give our completely all-natural, oven-baked wellness pet foods a try. Our ultra premium pet foods feature the highest quality, human-grade meat and grain sources, and all of our formulas are guaranteed free of animal byproducts, artificial additives, dyes, chemical preservatives, and unhealthy fillers.

We also have wheat-free dog food formulas (Lamb & Rice Dog Food) and wheat-free, rice-free dog food formulas (Rainbow Trout & Sweet Potato Dog Food) available for those looking to avoid specific ingredients at this time.

We welcome any questions or concerns you may have, and we thank you for making the health and wellness of your pets a priority.

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