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The Flint River Ranch Lamb & Millet (LMR), Senior Plus (PLUS) and Original Dog Kibble (DOG) formulas are all now being processed with a new Kibble Roller Die that has been introduced to help prevent kibble breakage and the crumblike consistency a few of our bags have had in the past.

No changes have been made to any of the Flint River Ranch formulas themselves. We are only using a new die that will bypass the old hammer mill unit that was used to break up the large wafers into kibble pieces. Everything else about the three formulas remains the same, with the new kibble die helping to create a superior product for our customers that will be more stable in shipping and handling.

We’ve been feeding the FRR Lamb, Millet and Rice (LMR) dog food for the past months and our dogs have never had any issues in making the transition, and as we’ve gone through the new bags, there have hardly been any crumbs at all.

We feel the acquisition of the new kibble roller die has been a great change, and we believe both you and your dogs will love the results!

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