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We have good news to report on the new Flint River Ranch Duck and Potato Dog Food formula as well as news on the current Senior Lite Dog Food formula.

First up, Flint River Ranch is now in full production for the Duck and Oatmeal nugget dog food formula. We expect to be able to take orders and ship the new formula within the next 3 weeks. We’ll update our site as soon as this formula can be shipped.

Pricing for the formula will be as follows: 10lb bag – $23.49; 20lb bag – $42.99; 40lb – $73.99; 200lb – $309.99; and 520lb – $769.99.

More good news, for a limited time we’ll be including a free Duck & Potato Dog Food sample pack with each order of the Duck formula so that you can share the amazing new formula with your friends and associates.

We’ve also updated our FRR Duck and Potato Dog Food page with the complete ingredients list and nutritional information for the formula.

Saying Goodbye to the Senior Lite Formula

FRR Senior Lite
As we introduce our new Signature Brand Duck & Potato formula, we’ll also be phasing out our Senior Lite Dog Food formula in favor of our Senior PLUS Dog Food formula. The Senior PLUS formula is identical to the Senior Lite formula in terms of ingredients and formulation, while also offering the joint relief benefits of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplements.

The FRR Senior PLUS formula with these two supplements has proven to help in maintaining fluidity of dogs’ joints while easing the strain and stress that an older dog faces in their joints, especially those dogs that are overweight or obese.

The Senior PLUS dog food formula has also become much more popular than the Senior Lite formula over the years and has received many more positive reports from dog owners when it comes to helping their dogs live healthier, more active lives.

While some will be sad to see the Senior Lite formula go, there’s good news to report as well — prices on the Senior PLUS formula will decrease to match the prices of the Senior Lite, so those currently ordering the Senior Lite formula will be able to order the Senior PLUS formula with its joint health benefits at no extra cost!

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