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We’re excited to announce that the new reduced-grain and wheat-free Flint River Ranch Duck and Potato Dog Food (aka Duck and Oatmeal Dog Food) formula is available for purchase!

Pricing for the Flint River Ranch Duck, Oatmeal, and Potato dog food formula will be as follows: 10lb bag – $23.49; 20lb bag – $42.99; 40lb – $73.99; 200lb – $309.99; and 520lb – $769.99.

And we have even better news — for a limited time we’ll be including a free Duck and Potato Dog Food sample pack with each order of the Duck formula so that you can share the amazing new formula with your friends and associates.

We’ve also updated our FRR Duck and Potato Dog Food page with the complete ingredients list and nutritional information for the new formula.

Let us know what your dogs think of the new formula — we can’t wait to hear from you!

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