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We have unfortunate news to report on the Flint River Ranch DryWater formula.

Flint River Ranch DryWater Dog Food Formula

Due to a new FDA ruling issued on July 16th on Salmonella and the possibility of cross-contamination in the wake of the Natura pet food recalls, our current production facility will no longer be able to make our Dry Water formula as a result of the Dry Water formula’s raw ingredients needing to be mixed with finished, cooked products within a pet food plant when producing the formula.

There’s no need for concern with the current batch of the DryWater formula, as there have been absolutely no reports of potential Salmonella contamination. But the bad news is that supplies are limited of the Dry Water formula, and what is currently available will likely be the last of the formula.

While Flint River Ranch is looking for a new producer for the formula, we believe it’s unlikely that any companies will take on producing the formula at this time due to the same issues of concern.

Flint River Ranch Essential Greens Coming Soon

If there’s a silver lining to this news, it’s that Flint River Ranch is in the final stages of releasing the first shipments of FRR’s Essential Greens! This is a project started last year following initial production problems in the manufacture of the Dry Water formula.

Flint River Ranch Essential Greens will serve as an alternative to the Dry Water formula and will enable customers to take any food formula, add a measured amount of Essential Greens and augment their pets’ meals and their pets’ overall nutrition! Look for more news on FRR Essential Greens and subsequent “Essential” products in the near future!

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