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Recently we’ve received several calls and e-mails from customers wanting to know about the potential impact of the earthquake and nuclear radiation in Japan upon our Flint River Ranch Bonita Flakes cat treats.  We want to assure all of our customers on this front.

At the time of the Japanese disaster, we still had a strong supply of Bonita Fish Flakes available for our orders.  Flint River Ranch also immediately secured, from another source, more Bonita Flakes that should last us for the rest of this year at the least.

These Bonita Flakes have already been processed into individual bags and the bags have been “nitrogen filled” to extend their shelf life.  This is just an additional step to ensure they will stay stable by limiting their exposure to oxygen.  So if you receive any Bonita Flake cat treat bags that appear puffed up, don’t fear — it’s just a little nitrogen in the bag to help maintain their freshness.

We are also seeking additional sources of Bonita for the future — we’re even looking into sources from Australia.

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