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At A+ FRR we’re always looking for ways to save our customers money, and we’re excited to announce the latest savings on Flint River Ranch pet foods. Our Flint River Ranch Hairball Management Formula (HMF) cat food for adult cats and kittens is now available in a 36lb ordering size.

By selecting the larger 36lb HMF option over the standard 6lb bag, cat food customers will receive 6 6lb bags of the Flint River Ranch HMF cat food formula while saving nearly 30% compared to purchasing six individual bags ($74.49 compared to $104.50!).

So continue to get the absolute lowest prices on Flint River Ranch pet foods at A+ Flint River Ranch, and save more than $30 with our new 36lb FRR Cat Food Hairball Management Formula option! And stay posted for more ways to save on Flint River Ranch food in the future!

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