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New Flint River Ranch Grain-Free Cat and Kitten Food Ready to Make Its Debut!

Flint River Ranch
We’re excited to announce that the new Flint River Ranch Grain-Free Cat & Kitten Formula has been finalized and is going into production now, so expect to see this great new formula available on our website before the end of the year!

The Grain-Free Cat and Kitten Formula will be ideally formulated for cats of all life stages and will feature higher portions of protein (42% minimum!) compared to our existing Flint River Ranch cat food formulas, with proteins making up half of the first 6 ingredients.

The primary protein source remains human-grade chicken — given the higher cost of ingredients today, chicken remains the most cost-efficient high quality protein for us to use.  Plus it helps make for an easier transition from our existing cat food formulas.

The Flint River Ranch No-Grain Cat Food formula will also feature a good amount of cranberries to assist in keeping your cats urinary tract in good shape and to help minimize urinary infections.   We’ve formulated the new food to include a variety of additional aspects for enhancing your cat’s litter box environment as well.

New Packaging for Flint River Ranch Formulas!

Flint River Ranch
To go along with the introduction of the new Flint River Ranch Grain-Free cat food formula, you’ll soon notice new bag designs for both our cat foods and our dog foods.   The new designs are designed to prominently feature an iconic cat and dog that represent the strength, vitality and good health that Flint River Ranch formulas provide.

We’ll also be making minimal formula changes that you’ll note in the new bags that are being released.  These changes are to make sure our formulas adhere to several new “Safe Food and Labeling Acts” that have been passed by the government for not only human food products, but also pet foods.   These acts are signs of progress on government programs that Flint River Ranch has been encouraging and advocating for a long time, and Flint River Ranch supports these efforts and welcomes our industry’s participation.

These new acts and laws should work towards eliminating the many errors and discrepancies with other pet foods that have created confusion in the market, some due to lack of industry experience and some intentional when it comes to pet food labeling. Along with guidelines set forth by State Agriculture and Veterinary Departments and the FDA, much is being accomplished for pet food labeling integrity.

Several things most certainly won’t be changing when it comes to Flint River Ranch.  We’ll never compromise on quality and will continue offering our one-of-a-kind oven-baking process will continue to provide an easier-to-digest diet compared to extruded diets. We’ll also continue to go the extra step with our human-quality meat meals and grain mixes to bring benefits to the digestive system as well providing needed nutritional benefits.

We’ll also continue to use chelated minerals and vitamins for easy assimilation in your pet’s body, and our meat meals will continue to be manufactured from the finest quality meats and contain zero by-product meals.

Another aspect that won’t change with the new packaging is the weight of the foods we sell. Many pet food manufacturers continue to downsize the weight of the bags while keeping the same price or even raising their prices — the industry standard used to be 40 pound bags, then it went to 35, then to 32, and now we’re learning that some consider their new “largest” bag will be only 28 pounds of product! At Flint River Ranch, we’ll be continuing to offer our 10lb and 20lb bags, with reduced pricing available on 40lb, 200lb and 520lb orders.

Flint River Ranch will continue to provide gourmet, holistic pet foods at reasonable pricing delivered fresh to your home. Since our inception, Flint River Ranch has never had a challenge with our process or our formulas’ selected ingredients, from any regulatory agencies or the various pet food recalls. We are very proud of this fact. You will always feel good about what you feed your pets with Flint River Ranch products!

Thank you for being involved and for allowing Flint River Ranch to be a part of your pet’s life!  We take that responsibility very seriously!

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