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Bonita Flakes MultiPack Cat Treats

The new supply of Bonita Flakes have finally arrived — as have some exciting changes for the delectable cat treats!

First, the Bonita Flakes now have upgraded packaging.  The new cat treats feature a plain white bag now, which is sturdier for shipping, and will have a full color label for the first time.

Even better, we’re now offering the option of buying Bonita Flakes in multi packs to help you save money!  While the price on a single bag has gone up slightly due to the increase in the cost of the main Bonita fish ingredient, as well as shipping, we have made it easier to save money by ordering more than one bag at a time.

We have found that most customers like to order at least 2 Bonita Flakes bags at a time, and when doing do so the price will be the same as before.  And ordering one of the new 4-pack or 6-pack multi-packs will make the price even lower than it was before!

Since Bonita can be stored for a year or more in unopened bags, it will be a great way for you to save money on something your cats will absolutely love!

Flint River Ranch Bonita Flakes Cat Treats Multi-Packs


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