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Expertox, a lab in Deer Park, Texas, today reported that it has found toxic levels of acetaminophen and/or cyanuric acid poisons in dozens of pet food samples. The contaminants could be lethal for pets, and the FDA has already launched an investigation, but the lab cannot legally reveal which pet food brands tested positive for the drugs. Acetaminophen, a pain relief medication, can be toxic and potentially lethal to pets, especially cats.

According to the lab, The contaminants were found in foods that are not among the more than 150 brands recalled since March 16. We’ll have more information as it becomes available, but the Pittsburgh Tribune-review has a news story about the lab results that’s definitely worth checking out.

“We were looking for cyanuric acid and melamine, and the acetaminophen just popped up,” Donna Coneley, lab operations manager for ExperTox Inc. in Deer Park, Texas, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review yesterday. “It definitely was a surprise to find that in several samples.”

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