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Our comparison page of the top prescription and premium dog food diets for urinary and renal health issues has been updated this week with a completely new look (let us know what you think), revised information — and pricing, and new prescription dog food diets released recently, including Royal Canin’s new Urinary UC 18 Low Purine dog food formula.

After two years the comparison listing was starting to show signs of age both in its look and in terms of its information, especially when it comes to prices for the leading premium and prescription pet foods.  In the last year and a half prices have risen dramatically for pet foods (ranging from 20% to as much as 70%!), largely due to an increased use of U.S.-only ingredients in the wake of the 2007 Pet Food Recall as well as increased production and shipping expenses.

Pet food manufacturers have also frequently resorted to decreasing the size (total weight) of their bags, and in many cases (especially with the veterinary diet dog foods) have significantly increased prices while also decreasing the dog food bag size.  We’ve addressed both issues in the updated page, with a new focus on the pricing and changes in bag sizes.

By popular request we’ve also added ‘Buy Now’ buttons.  These new buttons link to the sites with the lowest prices that we’ve found for the dog foods and cat foods listed on the page.  If you’re considering purchasing one of the veterinary prescription diets please note that many require a prescription in order to purchase.

While some veterinarians are reluctant to issue a prescription for you to have filled elsewhere (it impacts their bottom line after all), veterinarians are required by law to provide a written prescription upon request, making it possible for you to save money by purchasing for less online (or elsewhere).

Check out our updated comparison page and let us know what you think of the new look and new information:

Comparison of Premium and Prescription Pet Food Diets for Urinary / Kidney Health Problems


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