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Exciting news at Flint River Ranch! Ingredients for the new Flint River Ranch Duck and Oatmeal Dog Food formula have been ordered from FRR’s suppliers, and shipping dates for the new formula should be available very soon (within the month).

If you missed our earlier post about the new formula, Flint River Ranch is building on the foundation that the Flint River Ranch “Fish & Chips” Trout and Potato Dog Food formula initiated by utilizing the best aspects of its formula as the core of the company’s new “Signature Brand” line of nugget-shaped, oven-baked dog foods.

The Duck and Oatmeal formula will be the second release in a complete line of separate formulas under the Signature Brand philosophy, all with their core ingredients being very similar and therefore greatly easing the transitional periods that some food-sensitive dogs run into.
The “Signature Brand” formulas will incorporate a “mix of different proteins” within a pet’s diet to better enable dogs to garner different nutritional aspects from these variations. At the same time, the proteins will be more concentrated and savory in their own unique formula.

The current goal is to create a formula line that will present the various proteins of Fish, Duck, Chicken, Beef, Lamb and perhaps Venison as the key ingredients in separate formulas with a variety of complementary fats. With the “Fish and Chips” formula enjoying great success and having generally met with no adverse issues for those dogs who are thriving on it, Flint River believes that everyone will find a favorite as the new formulas are released and also be comforted knowing that if you need or want to offer some more variety, you won’t have to move to a totally different formula. You’ll still have the majority of the formula as a base to greatly eliminate transitional issues.

Flint River Ranch will still continue to carry and support all other lines but at the same time looks to be able to meet more of the public need for a true “rotational diet” and also continue to satisfy those looking for more of a reduced or “grain-free” dog food diet that the Signature Brand line will provide. There will be no wheat, rice, corn or soybeans in any of these formulas and there will be an emphasis on more unique ingredients, utilizing oats, potatoes (sweet and white), and more fruits and vegetables than have been traditionally used within this new line.

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