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With economic news of doom and gloom running rampant these days it’s refreshing to be able to provide some good news when it comes to pet food pricing.

We’re excited to announce pricing reductions for two of our Flint River Ranch dog foods.  FRR Headquarters has received a slight adjustment in some of the ingredient costs used to formulate the Flint River Ranch Original Oven-Baked Kibble and Flint River Ranch Nugget Dog Food formulas, and has also extended supply contracts and negotiated a lower price on some key ingredients.

We’re passing these savings on to our customers.   The reduced prices currently only apply to our two most popular dog foods, the 20 and 40 pound sizes of both the FRR Adult & Puppy Dog Food formula and the FRR Nugget Dog Food formula.  Here are the new prices:

New 20 LB Adult & Puppy Dog Food Price: $ 32.89 (from $33.89)
New 40 LB Adult & Puppy Dog Food Price: $ 60.89 (from $62.64)

New 20 LB Nugget Dog Food Price: $ 33.89 (from $34.39)
New 40 LB Nugget Dog Food Price: $ 61.89 (from $62.49)

While not as deep as we would have liked in terms of slashing prices, we’re happy to be able to offer reduced pricing in an economic market where pet food prices are continuing to rise across the board.  We’re striving to do the best we can for you and your pets, and we’re serious when we say that we’re proud to be a part of your pet’s nutritional health!

We hope to be able to provide additional price reductions later on in the year, and we’ll also continue to offer the lowest possible pricing on our pet foods while also offering as many discounts as possible.

Speaking of discounts, make sure to take advantage of our Early Spring Savings Special this month, with new Flint River Ranch customers receiving an automatic 10% discount and current A+ FRR customers receiving $5 off orders over $75 and $10 off orders over $150 – no coupon codes needed!

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