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The Flint River Ranch company has decided to focus production and shipping efforts solely on what it has developed over the years – high quality, all natural, oven baked pet food formulas, biscuits, and treats. As part of this decision, Flint River Ranch will unfortunately be discontinuing a number of pet products as 2006 comes to a close.

As of January 30th, 2007, the following items will no longer be available from Flint River Ranch: All Nylabones (all flavors and all sizes), Pet Force Pet Stain Cleaner, and all Hickory-Smoked Dog Chew Bones. This is not a decision we at A+ Flint River Ranch are happy to report, but it does mean that we will be unable to offer these items unless and until we find another supplier.

The good news is that Flint River Ranch expects this change to free up capital towards improving on and adding to its line of all natural, super premium dog foods and cat foods. No new products have been announced at this time, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

Note: Supplies of the above items that will be discontinued in early 2007 are extremely limited, so we recommend purchasing these items soon while they still remain in stock.

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One Response to “Flint River Ranch Discontinued Pet Items: Nylabones, Chew Bones, and More”

  1. Flint River Ranch has now discontinued the following items:

    • Nylabones – All sizes and all flavors
    • Pet Force Pet Stain Cleaner – All sizes
    • Dog Bone Variety Packs – All sizes
    • Beef Crown Knuckle Hickory Smoked Dog Bone Chews

    The Lamb Trotter and large & small Beef Femur hickory smoked dog bone chews are still available in limited quantities, so we recommend ordering these items now while they are still in stock.


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