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This comes directly from Flint River Ranch Headquarters regarding the recovery efforts in Japan:

I know that we all have the Japanese people, this great tragedy and their ongoing crisis in our hearts and minds. I’m sure many of you have already helped out where you can to get assistance to Japan.

I wanted to share what one of our Japanese representatives is doing in their effort to help feed rescued pets from affected areas. As soon as they could, “Kit Pups” in Japan contributed over 100 bags of FRR Original Dog and Cat formulas from their stock to the JEARS volunteers.

The JEARS organization (Japan Emergency Animal Rescue and Support) is truly doing remarkable work. It’s incredible that good people are willingly going into potentially hazardous areas; filled with wreckage, filth and radiation, working hard to get every animal out of there. Truly, Angels do walk the earth. Kit Pups continues to offer support and product to the JEARS organization.

For our part, Flint River Ranch is donating extra pallets of Flint River Ranch pet food with Kit Pups’ next delivery. We shall continue to partner with Kit Pups to coordinate our current and future contributions to the Japanese recovery efforts. Let’s keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers.

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