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We’re excited to be able to offer our ultra premium all natural Flint River Ranch dog foods and cat foods for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii customers for the first time.

We’re also excited to be the first and only Flint River Ranch site to offer online ordering for shipping Flint River Ranch pet foods to Alaska and Hawaii, enabling customers in these two states to efficiently and easily order Flint River Ranch dog foods and cat foods for delivery directly to your door.

Because UPS charges additional fees for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, shipping fees will apply to Flint River Ranch orders shipped to Alaska or Hawaii based on the total number of boxes to be shipped. We always strive to ship orders in as few boxes as possible to reduce shipping costs for our customers. Our online ordering system will automatically calculate the shipping fees based on the quantity and types of Flint River Ranch ordered.

Flint River Ranch shipments to locations in all other states will remain unchanged — the shipping cost is included in our pricing, with no additional fees added for shipping or handling.

At A+ Flint River Ranch we’re always striving to offer more than the competition while ensuring our prices remain lower than other sites. Our new exclusive online system for pet food delivery to Alaska and Hawaii customers is just one of many factors that we believe help set A+ Flint River Ranch apart from the competition, and we’re excited to be able to now extend all of these benefits to our friends in Alaska and Hawaii as well:

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