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Make sure to get your Flint River Lamb and Rice Dog Food and Wafer Treat orders in within the next nine days to take advantage of the current prices.

As previously reported, Flint River Ranch will be increasing the price on its Flint River Ranch Lamb, Millet, and Rice Dog Foods effective May 11th, 2008. On May 11th the prices will increase from:

FRR Lamb & Rice – 20lb bag (LMR20): From $30.89 to $32.89
FRR Lamb & Rice – 40lb order (LMR40): From $56.79 to $58.79
FRR Lamb & Rice – 200lb order (LMR200): From $276.99 to $289.99
FRR Lamb & Rice – 520lb order (LMR520): From $679.99 to $729.99

The price changes are due to the continued price pressures on the cost of ingredients in Flint River Ranch pet foods. Following the pet food recall in 2007, many pet food manufacturers turned to buying their lamb exclusively from New Zealand, which has long been recognized for its high quality and efficient production capabilities.

Large commercial pet food companies have made a huge impact on the cost of lamb since most have discontinued purchasing from their old sources in China. This coupled with the declining value of the US dollar and a historic drought in New Zealand and Australia (severely depleting their viable crops) has caused commodity pricing to soar to historic levels.

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