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Why are some Flint River formulas free of Corn, Soy, or Wheat?

Flint River Ranch premium dog foods are free of corn and soybean sources, which are much more difficult for dogs to digest than wheat grains and which may cause allergies in some dogs and cats. Processed soy has also been verified as a cause of bloating in dogs.

Flint River foods use a combination of high-quality ground wheat, wheat flour, wheat germ meal, and ground rice for their grain sources. The grains are purchased directly from the highest-quality mills; even though it costs more, it guarantees the finest quality grain without the risk of mold or other harmful toxins.

Since some pets are allergic to wheat-based food, Flint River Ranch also offers several non-wheat-based formulas, including a Lamb, Millet, and Rice formula and a Trout and Sweet Potato ("Fish and Chips") formula.

FAQs: Pet Nutrition and Pet Food Ingredients

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