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Nylabones from A+ Flint River Ranch Nylabone® products are safe, non-toxic, edible dog chews that will provide your pet with many hours of non-stop chewing enjoyment while greatly reducing tartar and plaque build-up, all in a safe and healthy way!

Nylabones help keep your dog's teeth strong and clean, and your dogs will find the baked-in smell irresistible. Satisfy the chewing urge naturally! A safe and enjoyable alternative to traditional rawhide and processed animal parts, the all-natural, completely digestible gourmet health treats for your dogs contain NO plastic, NO added salt or sugar, and NO color additives.

Our Nylabone Healthy Edibles are currently available in three sizes - Regular (4.5 inch), Wolf (5.5 inch) and Giant (7.75 inch) - and an assortment of natural flavors made with real carrots, real peanuts, real bacon, real rawhide, real spearmint and real fruits! All Nylabones are made from 100% natural ingredients!

The Nylabones are sold in packs of six nylabones.
Other Nylabone Flavors
carrot nylabones and carrot nylabone healthy edibles
ham and cheese nylabones and ham and cheese nylabone healthy edibles
Ham & Cheese
peanut butter nylabones and peanut butter nylabone healthy edibles
Peanut Butter
roar-hide nylabones and roar-hide nylabone healthy edibles
spearmint nylabones and spearmint nylabone healthy edibles
turkey and rice nylabones and turkey and rice nylabone healthy edibles
Turkey & Rice
100% Safe, Natural and Healthy - Guaranteed

Nylabone, Nylabone Healthy Edibles, and ROAR-HIDE are registered trademarks of TFH Publications, Inc.
Specific Details and Breed Information for Flint River Ranch Nylabones and Nylabone Healthy Edibles
Nylabone Healthy Edibles Satisfy you dog's chewing urges naturally with our 100% safe and healthy Nylabones. These tasty dog chews help keep your dog's teeth strong and clean and provide hours of enjoyment for your best friend.

Our bestselling ROAR-HIDE™ Rawhide-flavored Nylabones solve major problems long associated with rawhide products. Dogs cannot choke on the ROAR-HIDE™ because it is a unified mass. The manufacturer has taken regular rawhide and ground it up into little bits about the size of a grain of rice or corn. It is then melted at approximately 500 degrees F and injection-molded into the bone shape. This sterilizes it and makes the rawhide bones impossible to ribbon or otherwise threaten a dog's health in any way.

Because ROAR-HIDE™ is bone-hard, the dog attacks it only on the end, so it doesn't become a sticky mess. Most of the stickiness is also taken out in the molding process. ROAR-HIDE™ is high protein (more than 86%), low fat (less than 1/3 of 1%), and long lasting!

The carrot flavor is 50% real carrot, and the spearmint flavor freshens breath.

And with Nylabone's satisfaction guarantee, if you're dissatisfied for any reason, the product can be returned to Nylabone for a full refund or replacement.

100% Safe, Natural and Healthy - Satisfaction Guaranteed

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