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Flint River Ranch Discount - Sizzling Summer Savings on Flint River Ranch

In the spirit of celebrating the summer siesta as well our return to online operation after this past weekend's server outage (more on this below), we're excited to offer our customers a sizzling summer sale on Flint River Ranch dog and cat foods. For one week only both new and current A+ FRR customers will receive an automatic 10% discount on all Flint River Ranch pet food and treats online orders - no coupon needed. Please note that due to how automatic shipments are set up through Flint River Ranch we are unfortunately unable to provide this discount for existing auto-ship orders.

We want to thank you for your continued patronage of A+ Flint River Ranch, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come. Thank you again, and please tell your friends and family about the Flint River Ranch Summer Sale — hurry, the FRR special discount expires July 25th, 2009!

Web Server Outage Update

We also want to apologize to our customers for a server outage that rendered our Web site inaccessible over this past weekend (July 12th 2009 weekend) and earlier this week. Our previous Web hosting service migrated our site to a new server platform earlier this month and unfortunately that server has created many more problems than it was intended to fix. The server crashed on Friday and our host company has as of yet been unable to get the server back up and running.

The good news is that after much frustration and angst with our old hosting service, we're now back up and running with a new and much improved Web hosting service, and we're really excited about the improvements in performance, security, and reliability that we've already seen and that we expect to continue to see over the long haul.

We've also taken measures to prevent future outages from taking our site down for an extended period of time. We now have a backup site ready to go at a moment's notice and we're also working to assemble a dedicated support team to ensure that any outages that do occur in the future are resolved as quickly as possible.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience associated with not being able to place online orders over the weekend and early this week. We hope you'll be able to take advantage of the summer sale on Flint River Ranch that we're running for the next week, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns about our site, about our company, or about Flint River Ranch pet foods in general, we'd love to hear from you.

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