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Flint River Ranch Reviews and Ratings

We believe Flint River Ranch offers the best dog food and cat food products and treats currently available, but we're certainly not the only ones that feel this way. We've assembled a listing of Flint River Ranch reviews, ratings, and feedback from unbiased sources across the Web that testify to Flint River's unmatched ultra premium quality and A+ Flint River Ranch's exceptional customer service. We'd love to hear from you as well — please don't hesitate to send your Flint River Ranch reviews, comments, and feedback to us.

Epinion Reviews » Epinions.com on Flint River Ranch
   Reviews and customer feedback on Flint River Ranch pet foods from Epinions.com.
   Customer reviews include:
"I just can't say enough about these foods. With the recent recalls, Flint River Ranch is still safe, tasty and affordable. They do not "shop around" for the lowest price on the ingredients they use, and they only use human grade ingredients."

"Flint River Ranch is wonderful. I recommend the foods for all cats and dogs. Since switching all of my pets have clear bright eyes, a brilliant coat sheen, clean teeth, good breath, and a playful happy attitude."

RateItAll » RateItAll on Flint River Ranch
   Reviews, ratings, and feedback on Flint River Ranch from RateItAll.com.
   Customer comments include:
"The best dog food ever. My dog was so finicky until Flint River Ranch! I mixed it with her usual food and she picked out the Flint River Ranch food to eat."

"Highly recommended! My picky lab/husky mix with a sensitive digestive system had tried many dog foods. Most she wouldn't eat and others gave her digestive upsets. We finally tried Flint River Ranch - wow! She loves the Trout & Potato and her digestive problems are gone!"

ReviewCentre » ReviewCentre on Flint River Ranch
   Flint River Ranch reviews and feedback from the ReviewCentre.
   Customer reviews include:
"All four of my dogs eat the Flint River Ranch dog and puppy kibble. We only serve dry dog foods — and they really like it. They are all small dogs and this is perfect for them. It is top quality and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee."

Whole Dog Journal Review » The Whole Dog Journal on Flint River Ranch
   Flint River Ranch has been selected as one of the top-ranked dog foods by
   The Whole Dog Journal for five straight years.
   The WDJ had the following to say about Flint River Ranch:
"Flint River Ranch is probably one of the best-known healthy dry dog foods available. Flint River Ranch's formulation of quality ingredients is not unique among premium foods, but its cooking method is different.

"The company oven-bakes the food, rather than using the traditional 'steam extrusion' technique. This form of cooking changes the hard to digest raw starches into easy to digest dextrines — resulting in less strain on the dog's digestive system and producing a greater degree of food absorption."

Flint River Ranch Customer Testimonials » Flint River Ranch Customer Testimonials
   A sampling of the many testimonials received from loyal and satisfied
   Flint River Ranch customers, breeders, and veterinarians:
"After the current scare with tainted dog food, I decided to make a switch. While the food I currently use is not on the list of recalled foods, other products from the same company are. My Jack Russell Terrior means the world to me and can be a bit of a picky eater. She loves your Lamb, Millet and Rice dog food formula. I am reassured by the fact that only human-grade ingredients are used and do not worry that her food will contain something that is not fit for human consumption. If it isn't fit for me to eat, why would I want my dog to eat it?"

"I think that most people are not aware of the harmful ingredients in commercial brands. Not to mention all the fillers that offer no nutritional benefits. I put my trust in these commercial brands and feel so foolish for doing so. More people need to become aware and I will do my part in spreading the word about Flint River Ranch."

PriceGrabber Reviews » PriceGrabber on A+ FRR
   Reviews and customer feedback on A+ FRR from PriceGrabber.
   Customer feedback includes:
"Very informative website with easy navigation. It was great being able to look up my dogs health issue and then have recommendations for which product would be best and then be able to click that link with no further searching. Excellent experience."

"Easy, efficient ordering process. Wasn't used to purchasing my dog food online at first, but now I wouldn't do it any other way. I save money, get the healthiest pet food possible, and don't have to drive anywhere to pick it up."

Epinions Reviews » Epinions.com on A+ FRR
   A+ Flint River Ranch reviews and customer feedback from Epinions.com.
   Customer surveys say:
"The customer service is outstanding and makes us, the customer feel like we are #1. Their speed of handling the orders fast and accurate. The product is top choice and healthy for our pets. Never a worry, dealing with A+ Flint River Ranch. The web site was easy to navigate and products were easy to find."

"Since discovering A+ FRR, I now take care of all my pet food needs here. My dogs love the healthy and all natural dog foods and I've been extremely impressed with the website, customer service, and quick delivery turnaround times. I've been completely satisfied with each purchase I've made here."

» ShopperApproved.com on A+ FRR
   Reviews and customer feedback on A+ FRR from ShopperApproved.com.
   Customer feedback includes: 5-Star Excellence Award
"Excellent site all around. Quick delivery times (1-2 days for us), helpful customer service (prompt and responsive to my questions), and great web site. Thanks!"

"Always easy to order and product received very timely."

Shopping.com Reviews » Shopping.com on A+ FRR
   Reviews and customer feedback on A+ FRR from Shopping.com.
   Customer feedback includes:
"Outstanding service, they have a great product! I have ordered from them several times now, never have had a problem, and orders always arrive within 2-3 days!"

"The BEST Product & Service I have ever experienced."

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