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Flint River Ranch United States Delivery Information

Flint River Ranch wellness pet foods are available for delivery in the continental United States with no additional charges for shipping and handling. Our Flint River Ranch healthy gourmet pet foods are delivered directly to your door instead of being sold through pet stores in order to ensure maximum freshness and the highest quality premium pet food at the most affordable prices possible.

There's also no need to find or order from a local Flint River Ranch distributor since your order will be shipped via UPS from the closest of fifteen Flint River Ranch distribution centers located across the country for ultra-quick deliveries of FRR foods.

Flint River Ranch deliveries are made in as quick as 1 - 3 business days. You can view the average delivery time for your state below, and you can click on any of the states to get additional details about Flint River Ranch deliveries to that state, including delivery time graphs, distribution center percentages, and city and zip code information.

A+ FRR Average Delivery Times in Business Days

A+ Flint River Ranch Delivery Map

Average Delivery Time  
(in Business Days)      
Alabama (AL): Delivery Bar Graph 1.36
Arizona (AZ): Delivery Bar Graph 2.39
Arkansas (AR): Delivery Bar Graph 2.32
California (CA): Delivery Bar Graph 1.62
Colorado (CO): Delivery Bar Graph 1.43
Connecticut (CT): Delivery Bar Graph 1.58
Delaware (DE): Delivery Bar Graph 1.55
District of Columbia (DC): Delivery Bar Graph 1.60
Florida (FL): Delivery Bar Graph 2.10
Georgia (GA): Delivery Bar Graph 1.47
Idaho (ID): Delivery Bar Graph 2.42
Illinois (IL): Delivery Bar Graph 1.74
Indiana (IN): Delivery Bar Graph 2.06
Iowa (IA): Delivery Bar Graph 1.65
Kansas (KS): Delivery Bar Graph 2.15
Kentucky (KY): Delivery Bar Graph 1.77
Louisiana (LA): Delivery Bar Graph 2.19
Maine (ME): Delivery Bar Graph 1.90
Maryland (MD): Delivery Bar Graph 1.51
Massachusetts (MA): Delivery Bar Graph 1.80
Michigan (MI): Delivery Bar Graph 1.94
Minnesota (MN): Delivery Bar Graph 2.46
Mississippi (MS): Delivery Bar Graph 2.42
Missouri (MO): Delivery Bar Graph 2.10
Montana (MT): Delivery Bar Graph 2.26
Nebraska (NE): Delivery Bar Graph 2.21
Nevada (NV): Delivery Bar Graph 2.03
New Hampshire (NH): Delivery Bar Graph 1.86
New Jersey (NJ): Delivery Bar Graph 1.62
New Mexico (NM): Delivery Bar Graph 2.33
New York (NY): Delivery Bar Graph 2.00
North Carolina (NC): Delivery Bar Graph 2.24
North Dakota (ND): Delivery Bar Graph 3.06
Ohio (OH): Delivery Bar Graph 1.69
Oklahoma (OK): Delivery Bar Graph 1.73
Oregon (OR): Delivery Bar Graph 1.88
Pennsylvania (PA): Delivery Bar Graph 1.69
Rhode Island (RI): Delivery Bar Graph 1.63
South Carolina (SC): Delivery Bar Graph 1.85
South Dakota (SD): Delivery Bar Graph 1.88
Tennessee (TN): Delivery Bar Graph 1.89
Texas (TX): Delivery Bar Graph 1.73
Utah (UT): Delivery Bar Graph 1.98
Vermont (VT): Delivery Bar Graph 1.59
Virginia (VA): Delivery Bar Graph 1.68
Washington (WA): Delivery Bar Graph 2.06
West Virginia (WV): Delivery Bar Graph 1.84
Wisconsin (WI): Delivery Bar Graph 1.62
Wyoming (WY): Delivery Bar Graph 2.43

A+ Flint River Ranch order placed-to-door delivery average times listed above include order processing, product packaging, and UPS shipping transit times. Data does not include Flint River Ranch sample pack orders and non-UPS deliveries.

UPS does not make UPS Ground deliveries on weekends or holidays, and these days are not included as business days in the data above. Data updated weekly (last updated on March 12, 2015 at 10:52pm).

All delivery information on this page applies only to Flint River Ranch orders placed through A+ Flint River Ranch and may not be re-used or re-published in any format.

If you're looking for more reasons why you should make the switch to Flint River Ranch, we'd like to recommend:

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