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What is the shelf life for Flint River Ranch pet foods?

When stored out of direct heat, Flint River Ranch foods have a guaranteed "fresh" period of at least five months — with the ability to safely feed for 11 months. Of course, if your pet does not consume all of its Flint River food supply within that period of time, the food can be frozen to preserve freshness.

Flint River Ranch uses tocopherols, natural antioxidants and Vitamin E sources, and human-quality ingredients to slow the oxidation process of fats and oils to ensure its premium pet foods remain fresh as in their initial state.

Tocopherols work as a natural preservative for a period of up to 12 months and as a peak preservative up to 6 months. Tocopherols used as preservatives in pet foods do have a shorter lifespan than chemical preservatives, which can be a concern with some pet food brands that are warehoused or shipped to retail stores and left on store shelves for extended periods of time.

Unlike these retail pet foods, Flint River Ranch pet foods and treats are baked in small batches and are never "warehoused" or left for weeks (or months) to sit on pet store shelves — they are delivered and prepped for shipping within two days of manufacture. Including manufacturing and shipping time, Flint River Ranch pet foods and treats are guaranteed to be in the hands of the pet owner within 1 month, which provides at least five months of guaranteed fresh pet food.

Flint River Ranch does recommend storing FRR foods in their original bags in sealed containers. This will help ensure that no old food remains in the bottom when you add new, fresh food to the container. Flint River Ranch's natural preservatives can break down more quickly when exposed to excessive heat or moisture, so it's best to keep the food in a cool, dry place. For example, placing the food directly on a damp basement floor or in an excessively hot garage is not recommended.

FAQs: Flint River Ranch Healthy Pet Foods

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