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Why is oven baking so beneficial for premium pet foods?

This A+ FRR Pet Nutrition FAQ discusses how Flint River Ranch Baked Pet Foods utilize a twice oven baked process for producing a higher quality, all natural premium pet food product, as opposed to the industry standard steam extrusion method designed for fast replication and mass pet food production.
The secret to good pet food nutrition is not just in the quantity of nutrients present in a food, but also in how available they are and how efficiently they can be utilized when digested. Flint River Ranch dog and cat food formulas use a "tried and true" oven baking process that is geared towards baking and producing a higher quality all natural product. In short, the wholesome, healthy value of Flint River Ranch is baked-in to the food.

Most commercial pet food brands, on the other hand, use a steam extrusion method designed for fast replication and inexpensive mass production of commercial pet food products. These manufacturers also typically spray their pet foods with a combination of liver, fats and sugar to encourage the pet to eat the food. These artificial additives and flavor enhancers add little more than a greasy feel and texture to the food and an artificial taste sensation for your pets that's generally lacking in terms of nutrients and efficient digestibility.

You can pick up a handful of Flint River Ranch ultra premium oven baked pet food and breathe in the full, rich aroma. And when you run it between your fingers there's no greasy film left on your hands or unsavory smell of grease and oils. This is because Flint River Ranch formulas have natural value that is slowly baked-in rather than sprayed on.

Flint River Ranch canine and feline food formulas are twice oven baked under carefully controlled conditions and temperatures. This process results in better nutrition, more usable energy for your dogs and cats, and higher digestibility. Flint River Ranch's meat protein sources and grains also do not contain unhealthy chemicals, low-quality meat byproducts, screenings, or cheap and unhealthy fillers, and essential minerals are chelated for faster absorption into your pet's system.

By being absorbed more quickly and more easily from your pet's digestive tract than non-chelated minerals, chelated minerals make more efficient use of minerals and allow your dog or cat to receive the full benefits of every essential mineral for ideal nutritional health.

The extensive Flint River Ranch cooking process produces a dense, concentrated food that actually becomes less costly to feed. This unique baking process also changes the hard-to-digest molecules of "raw" starches into easily assimilated dextrines. This process acts as a "pre-digest" of kibble food, resulting in less strain on the dog's digestive system, which in turn produces a greater degree of food absorption.

What this all means is that your dogs and cats stay healthy and active with Flint River Ranch's superior pet food formulas without the need for any additional supplements or adjustments. The Flint River Ranch ingredient formulas are "fixed," and the high quality, all natural ingredients will never be substituted or compromised.

Note: Oven baked pet food is food in its natural state, and like all natural things, the baking process does create slight color variations.

FAQs: Flint River Ranch Wellness Pet Foods

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