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What is the rebilled charge payment option?

The protection of your sensitive credit/debit card information is very important to us, and we want to affirm that your full card number will never be stored on our server — only the last four digits of the credit/debit card will be saved for rebilling purposes.

We have added a new rebilling payment option enabling our customers to select a credit card or debit card that's previously been used to place an order with A+ Flint River Ranch without having to re-enter the full credit card information.

Our credit card processing system enables new charges to be made to the same card within a ninety-day period as long as the card is still valid and hasn't expired. This enables us to rebill valid credit and debit cards without needing the full card number and without us having to save or store your full credit card number on our server (only the last four digits are saved).

In short, the rebilling payment option offers two key advantages to our customers:
  • Makes the process of paying for repeat purchases much easier and quicker for you
  • At the same time, it ensures maximum security and protection of your sensitive credit card information
Note that only valid credit cards will be displayed as an option for payment, so if your card has been declined previously or if it has recently expired, the rebilling option will not display for the card and you'll need to select another payment option. Additionally, if the billing address associated with the card has changed since the card was previously used you will need to select a different payment option.

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